4th International Colloquium "Transformer Research and Asset Management"

10/05/2017 - 12/05/2017
Pula, Croatia - Croatia

Organisation : CIGRE Croatia - FER Zagreb

The Croatian National CIGRÉ branch in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb and the Centre of Excellence for Transformers in Zagreb is organizing the International Colloquium Transformer Research and Asset Management 2017. The Colloquium is supported by the CIGRÉ A2 Committee.


The 4th Colloquium on Transformers invites specialists from the academic community, research institutes, electric utilities and industrial world. The Colloquium is supported by the CIGRÉ A2 committee. The last Colloquium, encompassing 160 participants from 22 countries and 50 papers by 136 authors, was held in Split in 2014. The event is the perfect place to exchange ideas, ask questions and express opinions, renew old acquaintances and make new friendships. The aim is to bring together researchers from the transformer production, universities, and utilities in order to present and discuss their research results and latest advances in the fields of power, special, distribution and instrument transformers.