The scope of SC A2 covers:
  • All kinds of power transformers, including industrial, DC convertors and phase-shifting transformers;
  • Reactors: shunt reactors, series reactors, saturated reactors, smoothing reactors;
  • Transformer components: bushings, tap changers, accessories;
The activities are related to:
  • Specification, procurement and economic
  • Design, material, manufacturing and testing
  • Operation, reliability, safety and environment
  • Life management, maintenance, diagnostic and monitoring
In the past (known as SC12), activities were focussed on design problems related to the rapid increase of rated voltage and power.Today, the two Strategic Directions for A2 future activities are :
  • Services to customers (reliability, life management, economics, tutorials, etc.)
  • Technology issues (safety, new technologies and concepts, electrical environment, pre-standardisation, etc.)